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landscape of Mt. Kenya

Lake Ellis Nthi Falls Hike

Lake Ellis Nthi Falls Hike.     Altitude: 3,450M ASL Date: 30th -Sep-2023 Charges: Kenyan citizen- KES

Embu County, Kenya

Kimiriri Forest Hike

The Kimiriri Forest Hike in Embu offers a captivating and invigorating adventure through a stunning

Mt. Ole Satima Hike.

Mt. Ole Satima Hike.             Altitude:  4,001M ASL Date:  16th -Sep-2023 Charges:  Kenyan citizens- KES

Aberdare Ranges

7 Ponds HiKes, Abedares Ranges

The 7 Ponds Hike in the Aberdare Ranges is a breathtaking expedition through one of

Aberdare Ranges

Karuru Falls Aberdares Hike

Karuru Falls: Nature's Symphony Unleashed in the Aberdare Ranges Prepare to be enchanted as you


Mt Ololokwe/Oldonyo Sabache/Samburu Sacred Mountain hike

Embark on a Mesmerizing Expedition: A Two-Day Hiking and Camping Experience at Mt. Ololokwe, Samburu


Mt Kinangop hike

Mt. Kinangop Hike in Aberdares: Embrace the Majesty of the Misty Peaks Embark on a

Aberdares Ranges

Ragia Falls hike

Ragia Falls hike. Altitude: 2,519M ASL Date:17th Jun-23 Charges: Kenyan citizens- KES 2,800.00 Non-residents: $50.00

Kirinyaga County

Castle forest waterfall hike

Castle forest waterfall hike.   Altitude:2,379M ASL Dates: 6th -May-23 Charges: Kenyan citizens- KES 2,650.00

Aberdare Ranges.

Rurimeria Trail hike

Rurimeria Trail hike. Altitude:3,860M ASL Date: 3rd -Jun-2023 Charges: Kenyan citizens- KES 3,300.00 Non-residents: $55.00

West of Mt Kenya in the central highlands between Nyeri and Naivasha

Elephant Hill Hike

Elephant Hill Hike Altitude: 3,630M ASL Date: 4th -Mar-23 Charges:   Kenyan citizens-Kes. 3,300.00 Non-residents:  $60.00

Kijabe Hills

Kijabe Hills Hike

Kijabe Hills Hike   Altitude: 2688M ASL Charges: Kenyan residents- KES 2,300.00 Non-residents $50.00 Booking fees:

Kinangop Plateau near to the Aberdare Range

Mt. Kipipiri Hike

"Embark on an awe-inspiring adventure at Mt. Kipipiri, one of Kenya's hidden gems for hiking

Tigoni Tea and falls adventure Hike.

Tigoni Tea and falls adventure Hike.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Tigoni! Experience the perfect blend of nature's beauty and

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