Mt Ololokwe/Oldonyo Sabache/Samburu Sacred Mountain hike

  • July 29, 2023
  • Samburu

Mt Ololokwe/Oldonyo Sabache/Samburu Sacred Mountain hike

Altitude: 2,000M ASL

Date: 29th /07/2023 – 30th /07/ 2023

Charges: Kenyan citizens – KES 9,500

Non-residents: $110.00

Booking fee: Kes.4,000.00

Difficulty level: Beginners Friendly – Intermediary

Hiking distance:16Km

Hiking time:2 Days Trek and Camping

Category:2 Days Hike

Departure time: CBD 6:00 Am &

Roysambu 6:30 Am

Hike description.

Embark on a Mesmerizing Expedition: A Two-Day Hiking and Camping Experience at Mt. Ololokwe, Samburu

Indulge your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the raw and captivating beauty of Mt. Ololokwe, located in the heart of Samburu. This exhilarating two-day hiking and camping experience promises unforgettable moments as you explore the rugged terrain, witness stunning vistas, and connect with the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Day One: The Journey Begins

As you set foot on the trail, you find yourself embraced by the untamed wilderness of Samburu. The trail meanders through an array of unique flora, showcasing the region’s rich biodiversity. Vibrant acacia trees and indigenous shrubs line the path, casting dappled shadows on the ground as you make your way forward.

The majestic silhouette of Mt. Ololokwe looms larger with each step, teasing you with its imposing presence. The trail gradually ascends, revealing sweeping panoramas of the surrounding landscapes. Gazing out across the vast plains and rolling hills, you witness a tapestry of colors that blend harmoniously with the dramatic sky above.

As the day progresses, you reach a picturesque camping spot at the foothills of Mt. Ololokwe. Here, you set up your campsite, surrounded by nature’s serenity. The crackling campfire provides warmth as the night sky unveils its star-studded canopy, inviting you to marvel at the wonders of the universe.

Day Two: Conquer the Summit

With the first rays of dawn, a renewed sense of excitement fills the air. Today, you embark on the final ascent to the summit of Mt. Ololokwe. The trail leads you through rocky outcrops and challenging terrains, demanding both physical strength and mental fortitude. But as you overcome each obstacle, you’re rewarded with breathtaking vistas that inspire and captivate.

Reaching the summit is an extraordinary achievement, both physically and spiritually. As you stand atop Mt. Ololokwe, a sense of triumph and reverence washes over you. The world unfolds beneath your feet, revealing the rugged landscapes, winding rivers, and the vast expanse of Samburu that stretches to the horizon.

Immersed in the natural splendor, you take a moment to absorb the beauty that surrounds you. The crisp mountain air fills your lungs, invigorating your senses. From this lofty vantage point, you gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate interplay of nature’s elements, and a profound connection with the ancient spirit of the land.

Descending from the summit, you return to your campsite, bidding farewell to Mt. Ololokwe with a mixture of awe and gratitude. The journey back offers an opportunity for reflection, as you carry with you the memories of this extraordinary experience.

The two-day hiking and camping adventure at Mt. Ololokwe in Samburu is a transformative journey that invites you to connect with nature’s splendor, test your limits, and embrace the spirit of exploration. It is an invitation to witness the timeless beauty of the landscape and forge a deeper bond with the extraordinary wonders that grace our world.

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