Happy Trails, Happy life. Let’s Put on the boots for a new Excursion

Someone asked why I am always joyful even on Mondays (In the office) while others are struggling with Monday’s blues.  And my answer is simple; I hike a lot. ?????

Hiking and outdoor expeditions offer me an opportunity to meet and interact with new people as well as have personal time to reflect on the events of the past year, month, or week. In addition, I get a perfect place to meditate and mirror the future in a quiet environment away from the noises and Madness of the city.

I spend most of my weekends with the Cushy Adventures Hikers Clan as we unpack different mountains and trails and the team’s energy and determination to summit and conquer themselves keep me longing for the next adventure activity away from the city.

Over time, I have come to appreciate the major benefits of hiking and outdoor excursions. Among them include.

  1. Building muscle and bone density.
  2. Boosting individual happiness.
  3. Helps in combating depression and the feeling of sadness.
  4. Improves sleep quality.
  5. Social benefits with a lifelong friendship.
  6. Improves the body’s inner cleanliness as the only drink we consume along the trek is pure water.
  • add more……

‘Regular nature hikes strengthen our heart, lungs, and muscles, as well as our mind. And going with friends can also reap health benefits. So, the next time you reach the top of a hill at the end of a dirt path, pause to admire the view, and appreciate all you’re doing for your health and happiness.’ Dr. David Haber, Chairman, Herbalife Nutrition Institute

Irene Gitari

Cushy Adventures

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