The Happy Trails Of Kijabe Hill Review

At exactly 8:00 Am, we alighted at Kijabe Old Town where our guide was waiting. We walked circa 500M to where the KFS offices are.

We did a round of introductions with each member citing the reason why they decided to explore Kijabe hills and caves. Adventure, physical fitness, and having “me time moments” dominated the list of reasons. Alas! not all who wander are lost. The team was determined to wander where the Wi-Fi is weak.

The thick native forest cover, the caves, the hot water Springs, and the dark tunnel made the initial 3kms fun and easy to trek. The trails were beautiful.

We took hundreds of photos at the caves; the hot springs and the Priscilla Waimani tiktok whistle slogan overshadowed the sounds that came from the caves. “Cushy adventures Hikers clan Tuko kwa caves”. I guess we enjoyed the Echo that came from the tunnel.

We took our first snack break at the railway line. The short distance from the dark tunnel to the rail made us sweat. At some point, one lady shouted that they didn’t come there to die…..Weuh! The shock on her, we were just starting the real hike. I could eavesdrop on some beginners alluding to the famous saying that it’s normal to regret who, why, what, or how you found yourself on the trails, yet you could be enjoying some quiet time at home. Notwithstanding, they were ready to conquer the hills and themselves and had to keep moving.

The steep Kijabe hill from the railway line took us around 2hours to the summit. At this point,the team was exhausted but the joy of conquering the hill could not be hidden.  The beginner’s team was happy they made it through and indeed it was beginners friendly however they questioned if children could make it as earlier advised.

At the ‘summit,’ there were spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley, Mt. Longonot, Mt Margaret and Suswa. the sweet sounds of nature caressed and serenaded not only our souls but our bodies as well??

At this point, the team took their Second snacks break and took tens of individual and group photos with little chitchats and laughter. The way the conversation was flowing, one could think that the team had known each other for years if not decades. We were united by one common goal, to explore Kijabe Hill and to get it off our bucket list.

We then proceeded to Kijabe Man-made Forest with fewer talks, and one could hear the footsteps ringing on the cobbles and the pounding of our breaths. We braved the hot sun above us for the next 1.5 km before taking refuge in the beautiful Kijabe manmade forest. Here, the cool breeze brought about by the calm winds and the fragrance from the forest restored our minds back to peace.This offered the perfect moment of ‘Me time’ and at some point, one of the hikers informed us that she was having a boardroom meeting with herself and needed that time to go through the agenda?.

We took our last break at the beautiful man-made forest before proceeding to Soko Mjinga Market where the buses were waiting for us.

The Happy Trails Of Kijabe Hill Review At exactly 8:00 Am, we alighted at Kijabe Old Town where our guide was waiting. We walked circa 500M to where the KFS offices are. At Soko Mjinga we purchased fresh vegetables and started our journey back to Nairobi.

We made a stopover at the famous Gichiengo marker well known for its sweet African roasted maize and purchased some. (Check our gallery and see how we enjoyed the maize)The maize was appetizing albeit ‘small’.

We came, we saw, we conquered.

‘And into the forest, I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.’

Antony Kago

Cushy Adventures

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