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Where The Heart Loves, There The Legs Walk – The Happy Trails Of Mt. Kipipiri!

At exactly 4:50 Am, we left Nairobi with Geta Forest station, in kipipiri_Kinangop Constituency as our last stopover. The entire team was armed to the teeth with all forms of hiking gear ready to unpack the 21 km traverse. The entire trip to Geta forest station took us approximately three hours and at exactly 8:30 Am, we were all in our hiking gear ready to explore and uncover the hidden gem of the famous Kipipiri trail.

Where The Heart Loves, There The Legs Walk - The Happy Trails Of Mt. Kipipiri! After a round of introduction and networking, we kicked off the session with a modest muscle stretch and warm-up before hitting the trail.

Unlike many hiking destinations, Geta Forest Station officers, guides, and staff are very well organized and welcoming. Good job!  Our guide for the day was George Kigoi Mubia whose vast experience of the mountain trails and a big heart for supporting others proved helpful throughout the hike.

Unlike the past two hikes at Kipipiri, this time it was hot and with no signs of rain.  Sobs! We didn’t use our Ponchos???.

The trails were beautiful and full of life despite the blazing hot sun which scorched throughout the day. As the trail sweeper, I enjoyed beautiful moments with the last group of our team. We shared old funny stories and listened to the sweet sounds of nature in the woods as we enjoyed the beautiful views that come with hiking Mt.Kipipiri.

My group which also happened to be the last group summited at around 3:30 PM. The views and the fresh air at the summit made us forget the struggles and the many times some felt like giving up. We took tens of photos as we dined our last pack of snacks. With the feeling of accomplishment that comes with summiting, we descended with our hearts full of joy. It took us approximately an hour and a half to get to where the bus was waiting. Surprisingly, our team “Subaru” finished the hike at 2 Pm. 3 hours before the last group. Quite encouraging!

We went, we saw and we conquered!

When the mountains call, we must honor the call.

Antony Kago

Cushy Adventures

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